The OutGoing feature allows you to capture the total clicks on the original source URL of the article a user submitted. In other words, a user submitted an article from CNN news. If Outgoing is enabled, It records the number of times the CNN news link was clicked by users and visitors. It is a metric that Admins can use to aggregate data!
The clicks are recorded once per user session. This means that if a user clicked on a link for the first time in the current session, it will be recorded; any other clicks by the same user during the same session will not be recored. The session is only deleted when a user logs out and closes the browser.

  • Enable Outgoing Links. It is by default set to false, disabled. To enable it set it to true.
  • Outgoing Links Placement. The default is title. Two other options are provided: url and id

If Dashboard -> Settings -> Story -> Use Story Title as External Link is set to false then the clicking on the story title from the story full view directs you to the external link; otherwise, clicking on the story title from the summary view directs you to the external link.