Swoop TV Membership Plans for India, US & Canada
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Swoop TV Membership Plans For India, US & Canada 2022

Looking for Swoop TV Membership plans for India, US & Canada? Find out the best plans for you and save money on your monthly subscription.

If you’re planning to upgrade your entertainment experience by opting out from cable, then Swoop TV is the way to go. 

This IPTV service literally eliminated the need for cable and all it took was for me to purchase an online plan via their website and voila, now I have unlimited access to over 500 live TV channels on the go.

Not only does Swoop TV have ties with 500+ major broadcasting networks, but they even host VOD and PPV fights, matches and movies as a part of their subscription plan.

So, what did I pay for their membership? Well, Swoop TV actually has a couple of plans available and the prices range from $19.99 to $199.00. They even have a monthly Spanish plan available for $24.99.

To know more about Swoop TV Membership plans for India, US & Canada, read on as I take you through all their plans in detail as well as how to purchase them, what’s included in each plan as well as what Swoop TV charges extra to add devices to the billing.

Let’s go!

Swoop TV Membership Plans for India, US & Canada

Swoop TV technically is an American based IPTV service and the prices are listed in USD. Access is granted to users around the world, but they will need to pay for the desired plan in US dollars, so an International debit/credit card is a must.

There are only two plans available on Swoop TV and both these plans provide users with complete access to everything on their platform. 

Unlike other sites that charge different prices for different viewing tiers, Swoop TV does not and is one of the reasons why it’s loved by so many. Prices here are super low and there are discounts running depending on the duration of the plan selected. 

Buyers who opt for 3 months will receive a $5 discount on the overall subscription fee, if you take a 6 month plan then there’s a $10 discount and if you go for their 1 year subscription, then you will receive a price reduction of $41 on the purchase.

The Espanol or the Spanish package costs $24.99 per month and this grants users complete access to both English and Spanish TV channels.

Swoop TV Membership Plans in the US

As I stated earlier Swoop TV is an American based IPTV service, so the plans are listed in USD. The packages vary from $19 a month to $199 per year and they even have a Espanol package for Spanish speaking customers that cost $24.99 for a month.

Swoop Monthly Package 

The Swoop monthly package costs $19.99 in the US and this includes access to 500+  channels, live sports and unlimited customer support. 

You will receive a downloadable app for mobiles, laptops or tablets as well as  gain access to adult and premium VOD content as a part of the plan.

The only drawback is this plan does not include Spanish channels.

Swoop TV Membership Plans For India, US & Canada

You can add devices to this plan for $5 per device and in total up to 3 devices can use the same account simultaneously.

The four subscription plans for English content are:

  • Monthly Package – $19.99 per month
  • 3 Month Deal – $54.99 for 3 months (save $5)
  • 6 Month Deal – $109.99 for 6 months (save $10)
  • 12 Month Deal – $199.99 per year (save $41)

Swoop Espanol Package

Swoop TVs Espanol package is a bonus package that includes over 200 Spanish channels apart from the 500+ English ones.

The plan is a little bit more expensive and retails at $24.99 a month. Unlike the English-only package, there are no bi-yearly or yearly plans and subscription fees are collected on a monthly basis.

You get access to the same channels and VOD content as the regular monthly subscription plan and the additional $5 is for the 200 Spanish channels that come as a part of this package.

Swoop TV Membership Plans in India

If you’re living in India then you can definitely login to Swoop TV and watch American programmes from the comfort of your home. But to do this, you will need to purchase a subscription plan from India.

The same plans that are available to American customers are also available to Indian customers. The prices however will be slightly different since there’s an international fee applicable.

For example in India, customers will have to pay approximately 1,600/- for a month’s subscription to Swoop TVs basic English plan. 

This is reasonable considering the number of channels present in the plan, but it’s a bit too expensive for Indian customers as they already have a number of other OTT applications that have broadcast live TV channels such as ZEE5 and Voot.

For Swoop TV, the prices mentioned below are an approximation and not the actual value. The final price will be determined by the value of the US dollar to the Rupee on the day the purchase is made.

  • Monthly Package – 1,600/- per month
  • 3 Month Deal – 4,380/- for 3 months (save 400/-)
  • 6 Month Deal – 8,800/- for 6 months (save 800/-)
  • 12 Month Deal – 16,000/- per year (save 3,300/-)

Buyers that opt for the Spanish or Espanol package will have to pay approximately 2,000/- per month to gain access to Spanish  and English TV channels in India.

Swoop TV Membership Plans in Canada

Canadian customers can purchase Swoop TV membership directly from the official Swoop TV website. 

The amounts for the plans will be listed in US dollars, but the transaction will be taken in Canadian dollars, so the final amount will be different from what’s listed on the Swoop TV website.

Users can opt for 4 packages depending on how often they want to pay for the service and prices in Canada vary from $26.38 CAD to $263.96 CAD.

The cost of Swoop TV membership in Canada are as follows

  • Monthly Package – $26 CAD per month
  • 3 Month Deal – $73 CAD for 3 months (save $6 CAD)
  • 6 Month Deal – $145 CAD for 6 months (save $13 CAD)
  • 12 Month Deal – $265 CAD per year (save $55 CAD)

The Spanish plan costs approximately $32 CAD and that includes access to English channels as well as over 200 Spanish-centric channels.

Users in Canada are also provided with access to VOD and adult content at no additional charge and the charges will be collected from the same mode of payment at regular intervals depending on the package chosen.

How to Download the Swoop TV App After Purchasing a Subscription Plan?

The Swoop TV app used to be present on the Google Play store and the App store, but it has since been taken down.

Swoop TV Membership Plans for India, US & Canada

As of 2022, the only way you can download the app is by first purchasing a subscription plan or by downloading a hacked version of the app (which is not safe to do).

Once a purchase is made on the Swoop TV website, an email confirmation and welcome letter are sent to the buyer. This email will contain a download link to the official Swoop TV app for Android, iOS and Windows.

Swoop TV Membership Plans for India, US & Canada

Download the app from the link and proceed to install it on your preferred device. Once done, login to the app using the credentials used to complete the purchase. Or similarly you can verify your email address and use that as your login ID.

Swoop TV Membership Plans for India, US & Canada

Now you will be able to watch live TV channels, movies, series and even record content regardless of whether you’re on the move or sitting comfy at home.

Does Swoop TV Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Swoop TV offers a 3-day free trial with every subscription purchased (new customers only) and this trial grants access to over 500+ channels including sports as well as support for up to 3 simultaneous streams.

If you’re unhappy with the service then you can cancel the trial before the period is over and you won’t be charged for the subscription. However, after running through the entire trial period, you will be charged the subscription cost in full.

Pros and Cons of the Swoop TV Membership

Offers Advanced SecurityLacks a Long Enough Trial Period
Over 500+ Premium Channels and 200+ Spanish ChannelsLive Support is Not Available Outside the US
Compatible with Numerous Devices


Is it safe to buy a year long subscription from Swoop TV?

While the year-long plan does help save about $40 it is not recommended simply because online channels can get taken down with no prior notice and services can get disrupted. Opt for monthly plans and figure out whether or not the IPTV is worth investing in.

Should I use VPN with Swoop TV?

Swoop TV works without VPN just fine, but in countries where some channels are geo-locked, a VPN is a must in order to gain access to that restricted content. A VPN will also help keep your computer, laptop or mobile device safe from viruses and malicious attacks.


There you have it, Swoop TV membership plans for India, US & Canada. They have one of the most affordable plans as compared to other IPTV services and Swoop TV also serves international customers as long as the payment for the subscription is done in US dollars.

Luckily, they have a 24/7 support team on standby, so if anything goes wrong, simply reach out to them online and have your problem solved.

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