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CuriosityStream Coupon & Gift Card 2022

CuriosityStream is an online streaming platform with some of the best non-fictional documentaries and web series which can be watched on a number of devices. 

The only problem is that you have to subscribe to their services and select one of their plans before you can begin watching anything they have to offer.

Their plans are slightly cheaper than other streaming platforms and apart from the monthly plans, all the yearly plans are heavily discounted.

However, if you want to get a CuriosityStream subscription at a cheaper price, you can by purchasing a gift card or by redeeming a coupon on the checkout page.

But how do you get a hold of coupons? And what types of gift cards are available?

Read on as I take you through all there is to know about CuriosityStream coupons & gift cards.

CuriosityStream Coupons & Gift Cards (November 2022 Update)

How to Avail a Coupon on CuriosityStream?

Availing a coupon is easy and pretty straightforward however the process is slightly different for new customers and existing customers.

For new customers to avail a coupon on CuriosityStream, they must follow these steps:

  • Open CuriosityStream on your browser and then select a plan from the home page
  • Proceed to fill in your email address and password
  • Next, tap on “Continue to Last Step
CuriosityStream Coupons & Gift Cards
  • You will be taken to the billing page.
    • Click on the Add Promo Code box under the selected subscription plan
  • Enter the promo code and then click on Apply
CuriosityStream Coupons & Gift Cards
  • If the promo code entered is valid then the subscription cost will reduce depending on the specifications of the coupon.
  • Proceed to fill in your card information and then click on Sign Up Now to finalize the transaction

If you’re an existing user, follow these steps to avail a coupon on CuriosityStream.

  • Open CuriosityStream on your browser and sign into your registered account
  • Proceed to tap on your Profile and then navigate to Billing and Payments
  • You will have a button labeled Renew subscription, click on it
  • Now proceed to select the plan you wish to enable
  • Once done, click on the Add Promo Code button and then enter the coupon code you have
  • Click on Apply and proceed to complete the transaction by entering your card details for the payment.

CuriosityStream Coupon List November 2022

Here are some CuriosityStream coupons I came across that can be utilized while purchasing or renewing a subscription.

Coupon Code 2022OfferDetails 
lowspecgamerFlat 42% Off on all Annual Subscription Plans + Complimentary Access to NebulaAll Customers; Valid till November 20th
SCIMANDANAvail up to 55% Off on all Annual Plans + 25% Extra DiscountThis coupon code is applicable for new and existing customers; Valid till November 27th
MARKFELTONGet up to 70% Off on your First Booking + 25% Extra DiscountNew users only; Valid till December 30th
GOHERPINGEnjoy up to 30% Off on Annual Plans + 25% Instant DiscountThis coupon code is applicable for new and existing customers;
Valid till December 31th
EPOSUp to 85% Off on all Plans + 25% Additional DiscountThis coupon code is applicable for new and existing customers;
Valid till March 4th 2023
thoughtemporiumGrab up to 35% Off on 4K Annual Plans + 25% Instant DiscountThis coupon code is applicable for new and returning customers worldwide;
Valid till March 17th 2023
LEGALEAGLESave 26% on 4K Annual PlansThis coupon is applicable for new customers; Valid till August 14th 2023

Unfortunately, coupon codes are only available for yearly plans and not to monthly subscribers. The best part is that these coupons can easily be availed on the website by accessing your profile or by signing up for a new plan.

How to Buy and Use a CuriosityStream Gift Card

CuriosityStream makes it easy to buy gift cards on their platform. You can either purchase one by clicking on the Buy a Gift Card button in the header of the page or you can scroll through the home page and click on the Buy a Gift Card hyperlink under the subscribe now button.

Gift cards are quite straightforward to use and all you have to do is select a plan from the list, pick a date when you’d like the gift card sent out and then the gift card will be delivered to the recipient as a digital gift card to their email address.

What Gift Cards are Available on CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream Coupons & Gift Cards

Currently there are only 3 gift cards available on CuriosityStream;

  • Standard HD Annual – 1 year of HD streaming at $19.99 + tax
  • Premium 4K Annual – 1 year of UHD streaming plus bundled access to Nebula, Somm TV, Tastemade and more for $69.99 + tax
  • Standard HD Lifetime – Limited offer for a lifetime of HD streaming for $250 + tax

How to Purchase a Gift Card on CuriosityStream?

  • Login to the CuriosityStream website and click on the Buy a Gift Card button
  • Choose one from the list and then click on Continue.
  • Proceed to fill in the below mentioned details to customize the gift card
    • Recipients name, recipients email address, sender’s name, sender’s email address, 500 character message, select the delivery date
CuriosityStream Coupons & Gift Cards
  • Once done, click on the Proceed to Buy button and then verify the information once again.
    • You can also choose a different plan if you change your mind
  • Once everything looks good, click on Buy Gift Card
CuriosityStream Coupons & Gift Cards
  • Enter your card details for the payment and if there’s a valid coupon, enter that in the promo code field.
  • Finally click on Buy Gift Card to complete the purchase

The gift card will then be sent to the recipient on the date you selected and not earlier or later.

How to Redeem a Gift Card on CuriosityStream?

There are two ways you can redeem a gift card on CuriosityStream, one is by creating a new account and the other is by redeeming a gift card in an existing account.

CuriosityStream Coupons & Gift Cards

Redeem a Gift Card for New Users

New  users will be able to redeem gift cards when creating their account. Gift codes can be applied to an order by following a similar method to avail coupon codes. 

  • While creating an account click on the Redeem your Gift Card button at the bottom of the page and then enter the Activation code. 
  • Once entered, click on the Redeem Now button to enable the code and avail the subscription.

Redeem a Gift Card for Existing Users

  • Those who already have an account with CuriosityStream can sign into their account and then navigate to the profile section. 
  • Click on Gift Cards 
  • Now click on Redeem Gift Cards and enter the Activation Code
  • Click on Redeem Now for the gift card to get added to your account.

What are the terms of CuriosityStream Gift Cards?

You will receive a complete list of terms and conditions of using the gift card on the delivery date. Similarly, you can also view the terms in advance by clicking on the Gift Terms button while purchasing a new gift card.

Basically the terms state that all gift cards can not be transferred to other parties and they can be canceled within 14 days of the purchase date without any questions asked.

To  view all of the Gift Card Terms in detail, click here.


Can I gift a CuriosityStream subscription to someone else?

Yes, but you will have to purchase a gift card and add that person as the recipient and send the gift card to them. They will then be able to redeem the gift card in their account and avail a free subscription depending on what type of gift card was purchased.

How to use a CuriosityStream code?

Simply tap on the Apply Gift Code button after selecting one of the yearly plans you’re interested in and proceed to enter and apply the coupon. Once applied, the price of the subscription will drop based on the value of the coupon and you will be required to pay the balance to complete the order.

Can I watch  CuriosityStream for free?

Unfortunately CuriosityStream does not offer a trial period and all their subscription plans are chargeable so you will have to pay to view. However, in some countries, CuriosityStream does come free as a part of either a DTH subscription or a broadband subscription. 

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