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ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review 2022

ABCmouse is a fantastic educational app for kids aged 2-8 years. Their award winning curriculum has helped children around the world learn and grow by immersing themselves in essential activities such as social studies, reading and mathematics.

To learn, students have to download the mobile phone application with which they will be rewarded based on their academic performance throughout the selected course. 

There are activities as well that guarantee a unique learning experience for children and this will keep them engaged and motivated to learn more.

This guide takes a close look at ABCmouse’s payment terms, how to use their services and a review on their teaching methods and activities that are available.

ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review

What is ABCmouse?

ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review

ABCmouse is an online knowledge base for children aged 2-8. The platform has over 850 lessons and over 9000 activities and tasks for children to perform. 

These lessons are segregated based on the subject and course and children can choose what they want to learn by enrolling in a specific course.

How Do I Access ABCmouse?

ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review

ABCmouse can be accessed by either logging into their desktop website or by downloading the app from the Google Play store or the App store.

How Much Does ABCmouse Cost?

ABCmouse has three different payment plans making learning on their platform accessible to a large number of customers. They have an annual membership plan of $59.99, a bi-annual plan of $29.99 and a monthly plan of $12.99.

All three plans grant complete access to all that ABCmouse has to offer and the best part is that regardless of the plan selected, the app is ad-free and there are no ads that play in the middle or before any learning videos.

Based on the way their membership plans are laid out, you can save up to 60% on the total cost if you subscribe for the annual plan and each plan permits up to 3 children to sign in under one ID at any given time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they offer discounts on the subscription plans during big sales and events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Also, all three plans offer the first month free of charge and they auto renew at the end of the subscription making it easier for parents who don’t have time on their hands.

Monthly – $12.99 per monthShort Term – $29.99 bi-annuallyAnnual – One payment of $59.99/year save up to 60%
Access to curriculum from education expertsYesYesYes
Age-appropriate learning that always engages and entertains childrenYesYesYes
Access to over 10,000 learning activitiesYesYesYes
Parental Controls and insightYesYesYes

ABCmouse Free Trial 

The ABCmouse free trial period lasts for 30 days and can be canceled at any time without any charge. 

However, at the end of the 30 days, users are notified to update their payment information to continue and that’s when they will have to purchase a plan.

ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review

The ABCmouse free trial grants access to most of their learning material and all you’d have to do is login to the account on any device and start learning. 

Since the trial is free there are some limitations such as no 24/7 support and some activities are made available only to premium subscribers.

What Subjects are Covered?

ABCmouse teaches your kid everything they need to know right from the basics.

They offer a wide range of subjects to choose from and you can make a selection based on what your child needs improvement or help learning.

ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review

Some of the subjects covered on ABCmouse are:

Reading and Language

The reading and language  curriculum includes learning phonics, rhyming words, word families, a collection of over 450 e-books for children, learning sentence structure and even parts of speech. During this course, students will learn how to read, speak and will be gradually taught how to form sentences and paragraphs.


The Mathematics curriculum teaches children how to learn counting from 1-120 and place value. They’re even taught how to add, subtract, time, length, names and attributes of 2D and 3D shapes as well as basic multiplication tables.

The World Around Us (Social Sciences)

ABCmouse’s social science course deals with learning about the world around us. This course teaches students about plants and animals, the weather, earth’s seasons, the human body and body health, the solar system, regions in the US and matter and its different properties. 

Art & Colors

ABCmouse has an Art curriculum that teaches children about primary and secondary colors, the different shades of colors, it also includes different activities such as paint-by-numbers and puzzles that are designed to teach children the names of colors and how to use different colors.

What Activities are Available on ABCmouse?

Along with the extensive knowledge base of topics for children, ABCmouse has a vast variety of activities and learning games for children that can help improve their analytical skills and make it easier for them to learn.

Some of the activities provided in between courses are:

  • Animations – Kids can learn with the help of animations.  For example prospector Paul will teach children about letter combinations while King Grammar will teach children about nouns and proper nouns.
  • Games – There are also hundreds of games that are interactive and educational. All the games come with voiced instructions so kids can easily learn how to play and take part in any game of their choice.
  • Books – ABCmouse has over 450 kid-centric books such as original stories as well as non-fiction learning material. All courses available on ABCmouse are also available as a book written in child-friendly language.
ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review
  • Songs – There’s a vast music collection of songs on many topics of their curriculum including letters of the alphabet, colors, and even different plants and animals. These songs are designed to help children learn and have fun doing so.
  • Puzzles – Hundreds of jigsaw puzzles are available on ABCmouse for children to develop problem solving and critical reasoning skills. There are different puzzles for different topics and children are taught how to solve puzzles by using the analytical side of their brain.
  • Art – ABCmouse also plays host to different types of art activities such as paint-by-numbers, traceables, printables and even join the dots. These activities let children express themselves creatively and they can have fun at the same time.
  • Printables – One more great thing about ABCmouse is that they have over 2000 printables of activities across topics and these make it easier for children to stay on track with their learning. These activities can be downloaded for free and printed so that kids can get a hands-on experience of what they learn.

What Are the Other Key Features of ABCmouse?

ABCmouse also has some key features that are designed for both parents and children, with more emphasis on the latter. 

Here are some of the main features of the ABCmouse app and what you can do with them.

  • Progress Tracking – Parents are given the access to track their children’s progress throughout their course. The tracking feature provides vital information about your child’s learning progress as well as scope of improvement if they are a bit behind.
  • Tickets and Rewards – Children are rewarded with tickets upon completion of activities and this model has helped boost their will to learn. These tickets can be availed in the app for additional knowledge resources and avatar upgrades.
ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review
  • Customizable Avatars – Children are allowed to create a digital representation of themselves on ABCmouse’s app. There are loads of customization options available and avatar related items can be unlocked by utilizing tickets.
  • Interactive Zoo – ABCmouse also has an interactive zoo where kids are taught about different animals, allowed to play games and do puzzles while interacting with realistic zoo animals.
  • Interactive Aquarium – They even have an interactive aquarium where kids are taught about different fish and marine life, allowed to play games and do puzzles while interacting with fish.
  • Interactive Farm – Finally, they have an interactive farm that has all the farm animals including chickens, horses, pigs, cows and more. Children can take part in farm-related activities and learn about farm animals.

How to Cancel My ABCMouse Subscription?

Any ABCMouse subscription can be canceled or renewed at any time. However there are a couple of ways you can cancel or pause your subscription and this depends entirely on how you subscribed in the first place.

You can go through the summary below or head over to our dedicated article on how to cancel ABCMouse subscription.

For those who subscribed directly through the ABCMouse website, you can cancel the subscription by logging into your account and then opening the Parent section that’s in the My Account page. Now tap on Cancellation and then proceed to cancel the membership.

ABCmouse Price, Free Apps & Review

For those who subscribed using Amazon, open the Amazon app store and then click on My apps. Now go to Subscriptions and then pause or cancel your subscription from this page.

If you’ve used Apple Pay or the App store to pick up a subscription, you can cancel it by either accessing the Subscriptions page of the App store or by opening iTunes on your Mac/PC.

Finally, Android users can cancel their subscription by opening Google Play and then going to the Payment and Subscription page and cancelling the subscription.

Once the plan has been canceled you will receive an email confirmation of the same and the current plan will remain active until the end of its billing cycle.

Pros and Cons of ABCMouse

Educational app with loads of courses and learning contentNot a good app for children over 8
Content is segregated based on age and regular progress reports are shared with the parentsContracts are long
The app contains over 10,000 unique activities
Comes with a free 30-day trial period
Can be accessed on the desktop and mobile devices

ABCmouse FAQ’s

Does ABCmouse offer a free trial?

Yes, ABCmouse offers a free trial of 30 days to first time users and you will get access to all they have to offer in this trial period.

How many learning activities are available on ABCmouse?

ABCmouse currently has over 10,000 educational games and activities. They also have well over 2000 printables, 450 books and lesson plans and many art related activities for children to perform.

How many children can register under one membership?

Up to 3 children are permitted to register under a single account and not more than that. Each member will be able to create their own avatar and parents will be able to keep a check on their progress individually.

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