Step by Step Guide to Download Hotstar for PC
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Step by Step Guide to Download Hotstar for PC / Windows

Hotstar is a popular app to watch television programs, movies and also live sports events. The app is available to download on Android and iOS devices, but there is no app for Windows or Mac users and they will have to resort to using the Hotstar website instead.

However I did manage to find a workaround here and users can download and install the Hotstar app on their desktop/laptop. The only condition here is that you will first need to install an emulator called BlueStacks on your computer in order to install the Hotstar Android APK file.

This guide will highlight the benefits of using the Hotstar app on a PC as well as include step by step instructions on how to download Hotstar for PC / Windows.

Step by Step Guide to Download Hotstar for PC / Windows

Disclaimer: Hotstar is currently only available in India and in order to watch Hotstar content from outside of India, you will need a premium VPN installed on your PC. So, before you go ahead and learn how to download Hotstar for PC, first download a VPN like CyberGhost or Express VPN and then connect to an Indian server.

What are the Advantages of Using the Hotstar App on a PC

Here are some essential advantages of downloading and installing the Hotstar app on a PC.

  • Viewing Hotstar on a laptop is convenient because of its bigger screen.
  • We aren’t required to hold our devices while watching Hotstar on a laptop.
  • Sports matches and Hotstar TV serials can be watched on a computer and friends can be looped in to share the screen.
  • There is no need to buy a Hotstar membership plan for a computer. Only one strategy suffices to view Hotstar on PC & & mobile.

How to Watch Hotstar on a PC

The most convenient method to view Hotstar on the computer is to go to the Hotstar website. 

By default, Google reveals the country-specific version of Hotstar in the Online Search Engine Result Web Page. 

Step by Step Guide to download Hotstar for PC / Windows

United States homeowners will be redirected to the Hotstar United States page and can not access Hotstar of other countries. 

Users will be able to login to their registered Hotstar account by accessing the website URL: Here you can stream any program or movie straight from your computer’s web browser without downloading any application.

Download And Install Hotstar for Computer/ Laptop/ Windows

To download and install the Hotstar app on the computer, you will need to install an Android emulator on our computer. 

There are plenty of Android emulators available on the internet which are absolutely free to download. 

Use Bluestacks to Watch Hotstar Content on a PC

I’d recommend using Bluestacks on your computer. Bluestacks is extremely quick as well as provides an easy to navigate user interface as compared to other Android emulators.

Step by Step Guide to download Hotstar for PC / Windows
  • You can install the Bluestack application on your computer by navigating to the BlueStacks website
  • Once you’re on the BlueStacks webpage, click on the Download and install button. As soon as you click on this button, the Bluestacks Android emulator will start downloading in the background.
    • Bluestacks Android emulator is around 500 MB and can take a while to download completely. Once it has downloaded, install the file on your laptop
  • When you open the Bluestacks app on your laptop, you will see the Google Play Store icon on the homepage.
  • Click on the Google Play Store icon and it will ask you to log in to a registered account.
    • Fill up your Gmail address as well as password in the provided field and then click the login button.
  • After logging in, look for the Hotstar application by using the search bar. 
Step by Step Guide to download Hotstar for PC / Windows
  • Now, Download and install the Hotstar app.
  • When you have downloaded and installed Hotstar on your computer, you will see the Hotstar icon on the BlueStacks homepage.
  • After clicking the Hotstar icon, it will redirect you to the login page. Enter your registered mobile number and then request for the OTP. 
  • Enter the 4-digit OTP to login to the registered account and you’ll  be good to go.

Click here to download the BlueStacks 5 Installer

Use NoxPlayer to Watch Hotstar Content on a PC

NoxPlayer is another Android emulator that’s compatible with Mac and Windows computers. If you prefer using this emulator over Bluestacks, then follow the instructions below to watch Hotstar live.

Step by Step Guide to download Hotstar for PC / Windows
  • Download and install the NoxPlayer application on your Windows or Mac
  • Once installed, open Google Play Store and sign into your registered Google account.
Step by Step Guide to download Hotstar for PC / Windows
  • Search for Hotstar and download the application by clicking on the Install button
  • When the application has installed, locate the icon from the NoxPlayer home screen and double tap on it to open the app.
  • Now either watch Hotstar regional content for free or sign into your premium account and watch all the TV shows and movies available on Hotstar.

Click here to download the NoxPlayer Installer

Download Hotstar App on Windows 11

Windows 11 users have it easier and can download the Hotstar APK directly onto their computer without using any Android emulator. 

To do this,

Enable developer mode in Windows 11

Step by Step Guide to download Hotstar for PC / Windows
  • Navigate to the search icon from the taskbar and then find Developer settings by typing it in the search bar
  • Enable developer mode and click on Yes to confirm the selection 

Enable Virtual Machine Platform

Step by Step Guide to download Hotstar for PC / Windows
  • Next, click on the search icon and type in Windows features and then click on the first option that is listed
  • Now enable Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform and then click on OK to restart your PC

Download and Install the Android App

  • Run the MagiskOnWSA Git repository and then login to your GitHub account
    • As of September, the MasgiskOnWSA file has been taken down. We will update the link once it’s back up and running.
  • Click on the Actions tab and acknowledge the workflow
  • Click on Build WSA in the left sidebar
  • Click on Run Workflow and then wait for a couple of minutes for the windows 11 build to get ready. 
  • Extract the files and then right click on Install.ps1 and select Run with PowerShell
  • A screen will now appear stating that the Windows Subsystem for Android has been installed.
  • Locate Google Play Store from the Windows search bar and proceed to download and install Hotstar by signing into a registered Google Play account.

Alternative Method Of Installing Hotstar App on Windows 11

With the new 22H2 update, Windows 11 users can install Android based apps on the laptop without the requirement of an emulator.

This service is currently available only in the U.S and users can access a wide range of Android based applications that are designed to run on the Windows operating system.

Simply, access the Microsoft store and search for Amazon App Store. Proceed to download the Amazon App Store and then install the app on your PC.

Installing Hotstar App on Windows 11
Disney+ Hotstar Windows 11

Restart your computer and then launch the Amazon App Store. Sign into the app using your Amazon credentials and then type in Hotstar in the search bar to locate the Windows compatible variant of the app.

Proceed to download the Hotstar app onto your computer and then once installed, sign into your registered Hotstar account.

Now, since this update is only available to America users and since Hotstar is no longer available in the U.S, in order to watch Hotstar content in the States, you will need to use a VPN and connect to an Indian server to watch what the app has to offer.

You will also require to purchase a subscription to access premium content like Disney+ and live TV programs.

Hotstar for PC Pros and Cons

Nice and clean user interfaceThere’s no dedicated Windows app
Hotstar for PC has a dedicated sports tabFile size is large especially with Bluestacks 5
Premium membership plans are cheap and affordableNo anime collection on Hotstar
Collection of new and old TV shows and Movies


How can I watch Hotstar live on PC for free?

You will be able to watch Hotstar live on PC for free by downloading and installing Bluestacks on your PC and then installing the APK of Hotstar. The other method is to login to the Hotstar website and watch TV shows and movies for free.

Is Hotstar for PC free?

Not exactly, in fact Hotstar used to be a completely free service with ads played in the middle of movies and TV shows. However, as of today, only regional content is free and users will have to pay a premium to access international TV shows and movies.

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