how to troubleshoot swoop tv not working

How to Troubleshoot Swoop TV Not Working

Wondering how to troubleshoot swoop TV not working? Here are a few easy steps that will help you fix the issue and get your show rolling again.

There are times where I had issues while using Swoop TV and while I was able to fix most of them on my own, it was quite sad that they had to happen in the first place.

Swoop TV was my go-to for on-demand content and live TV channels and still is a service I much enjoy. I have Swoop TV installed on my Smart TV, Firestick as well as my Android phone and I must say, there are still quite a few bugs with the app.

Sometimes the app doesn’t let me login whereas other times I receive a blank screen or a playback error message. I was able to fix most of these issues by myself, but there were some instances where I had to get in touch with Swoop TV customer support and have the problem rectified.

Today i’m going to take you through how to troubleshoot Swoop TV not working depending on the problem you’re facing. There are quite a few, so read on to find out the best fixes available right now.

What i’ll cover:

  • Swoop TV Playback Errors
  • Swoop TV Buffering Issues
  • Swoop TV Login Issues
  • Watching Swoop TV on VLC
  • Getting in Touch with Swoop TV Customer Support

How to Troubleshoot Swoop TV Not Working

Swoop TV Playback Error

When Swoop TV throws a playback error message on the screen it’s generally to do with corrupted data and cookies. In rare cases the same error message can pop up when there’s an issue with your Swoop TV application.

There are a couple of fixes for this and you can get your Swoop TV up and running in no time.

How to Troubleshoot Swoop TV Not Working

First things first, make sure your Swoop TV app is the latest version, if not go ahead and download and update the firmware to the latest version.

If you’re facing the issue on the Android app then force close the Swoop TV app and try again.

However, if the problem persists, you can follow the steps below to clear cache and app data.

  • On your Android phone, navigate to the Settings menu and then click on Apps and Notifications.
    • Alternatively, you can long-press the Swoop TV app icon from the home screen and then tap on App info.
  • Now click on App cache and data and then tap on Erase data.
  • Confirm the selection and all the temporary settings for the app will get erased. Open Swoop TV  now and login to your registered account to start watching live TV online.

If you’re facing a playback error on the desktop or smart TV, proceed to the app information and then clear the app data. Restart the device and try again, it should work.

For those who are still facing the playback error message, it could probably be an issue with your review application and you’d have to contact Swoop TV customer support. I did and they helped expedite the process.

For international users who don’t have ready access to Swoop TV, if you’re installing the Swoop TV app on your TV or mobile device then make sure the network you’re running is connected to a premium VPN service so that you’re able to connect to their servers.

Swoop TV Buffering Issue

I found that there can be a number of underlying reasons to why Swoop TV is buffering and there are also an equal number of fixes available.

If the buffering issue is caused due to a network connection issue then restarting the router usually worked for me. 

How to Troubleshoot Swoop TV Not Working

At times restarting the router did not fix the issue because multiple devices were connected at the same time, so the only way I could watch Swoop TV without any lag or buffer was by removing and disconnecting any additional devices that were connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The other probable cause for Swoop TV to buffer is an issue with the hosting server. Though this doesn’t happen often, it does affect everyone using Swoop TV and will normally receive an automatic fix within a few hours.

If you’re certain that there’s no issue with your router and the server seems to be up and running just fine, then drop a message to the Swoop TV customer support team and see if they can share a quick fix with you.

Swoop TV Login Not Working

I did face this issue once or twice, but after checking with a couple of my pals who have Swoop TV accounts, nearly all of them have had issues in the past with their Swoop TV login IDs.

I found that this could be one of two things, either the login credentials entered do not match the registered credentials or there’s an issue with the review application and the account has been temporarily suspended.

The fix for the first issue is quite simple, re-entering the right credentials worked and took me to the home screen. 

How to Troubleshoot Swoop TV Not Working

However, in the second scenario, I had to contact the Swoop TV customer support team and try to find out what’s wrong with the review application and why my account had a temporary suspension.

The support team informed me that there was an issue with the application and after reviewing the information provided, there was a number entered wrong in my card details on the application. 

Changing the card number fixed the problem and once the application was confirmed I was able to login to the app. 

If you do face an issue while logging into the app, my recommendation to you is to get in touch with Swoop TV before anything to figure out what’s wrong. The team is super helpful and there’s 24/7 support, so you can get in touch with them at any time of the day.

How to Watch Swoop TV on VLC Media Player?

While dealing with issues around the Swoop TV app, I did notice that the URLs are all M3U links and these work on VLC media player, so obviously I tried to see if I could stream Swoop TV content through VLC and to my luck it worked.

Here’s how you can watch Swoop TV channels through VLC media player if the Swoop app is down.

  • Start by downloading VLC media player from the Videolan website
    • Click here to download VLC
  • Install the app and open it
  • Configure the settings and once you’re on the VLC main page go ahead and click on Media
  • Proceed to tap on Open Network Stream and then click on Switch to Network URL
  • Paste the Swoop TV M3U URL and then click the play icon
  • The video will begin streaming

You can then play or pause the content and if in order to change the channel, follow the same steps, paste the next link and press play.

You can also choose to download the stream in MP4 via VLC media player in case there’s a lag in the network and the video keeps buffering. To do this,

  • After entering the M3U URL, click on the Play drop down and then select Convert
  • Choose the name of the file, the destination, file format and bit rate
  • Finally click on Convert

The video will begin parsing and the converted file will be downloaded in the designated folder. This hack should help with any buffering issues you may face while streaming Swoop TV from VLC Media Player.

Contact Swoop TV Customer Support

There are times when you will have to contact the Swoop TV customer support team, but their contact information is not readily available online.

  • Access the Swoop TV official website and sign into your registered account.
    • Since Swoop TV works on a ticketing system you will have to raise a ticket from within your account and then the assigned team will reach out to you with a resolution.
How to Troubleshoot Swoop TV Not Working
  • Click on Open ticket from the toolbar at the top of the page and then depending on the scenario choose between the following two streams
    • Technical Help
    • Billing Related Help
  • On the ticket page, enter the subject and choose the priority level
    • By default, the priority level will be set to Medium
How to Troubleshoot Swoop TV Not Working
  • Type out the message and add any screenshots or images in the Attachments field.
  • Now proceed to check the CAPTCHA box and then click on Submit

Once the team reverts back to your ticket, you will be able to see the status of your complaint from within the Support tab. Click on My Support Tickets and you will see all open, closed and pending tickets raised under your ID.


How to use the Swoop TV app?

The Swoop TV app is quite easy to use, simply install the setup file you receive when you purchase a subscription and sign into your registered account. 

Once you’re logged in, you can navigate the app and select what you’d prefer to watch, whether it’s movies, TV channels or adult content.

Why doesn’t Swoop TV work with ROKU?

Since Swoop TV is considered to be an illegal streaming platform and goes against ROKUs guidelines and hence the app does not work on ROKU TV.

Does Swoop TV have a customer service number?

From what I can tell, they do not have any customer support number and queries will be answered through online tickets that are raised on their website.

Why is Swoop TV not connecting?

There will be issues with Swoop TVs connection when the primary server is down or your ISP is facing a connectivity problem. Resetting the modem or waiting for the main server to start working again are the only options available.

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