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How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial in 2022 | Complete Guide to Using Foxtel’s 10-Day Free Trial

Foxtel is an Australian pay television company that provides subscribers with satellite, cable and IPTV streaming services. They’re currently the largest in Australia and deliver programming for up to 70% Australian homes.

But did you know that they offer a free 10 day trial of their services with no strings attached?

Well, if you’re wondering how to get a Foxtel free trial then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, I will cover all there is to know about the Foxtel free trial period and by the end you will learn a couple of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your free Foxtel trial period.

Here’s what i’ll cover:

  • How to Avail the 10-Day Foxtel Free Trial?
  • What Happens Once the Foxtel Trial is Over?
  • How to Cancel the Foxtel Trial
  • What Channels are Included in the Foxtel Free Trial?

How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial – What You Need to Know About Foxtel’s Binge Streaming Service in Australia

Does Foxtel Go Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Foxtel does offer a free trial on both the app and website. The free trial is made available to those who subscribe to Foxtel Now.

The 10-day free trial period gives you access to all Foxtel has to offer including popular TV shows and on-demand content.

However, the free trial is available only to those with a valid credit card and those residing within Australia. If you’re sitting abroad then you will have to use a VPN service and connect to an Australian server in order to purchase a subscription or watch Foxtel.

How to Avail the 10-Day Foxtel Free Trial?

Anyone who wishes to subscribe to Foxtel Now will receive a free 10-day trial of their streaming service. 

To sign up for their free trial, you will first have to create a new account on the Foxtel official website.

How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial

Once there, scroll down to the list of bundles available and then click on the Start Free Trial button under a plan.

Proceed to fill in your personal information along with your billing information.

The 10-day free trial will commence as soon as you’ve subscribed to one of their bundles.

How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial

You can even opt to create your own bundle and then watch free content across 5 devices for the next 10 days.

What Happens Once the Foxtel Trial is Over?

When the Foxtel trial period is over you will immediately be charged for the plan you selected while signing up. 

This is because while signing up to Foxtel you’re asked to enter your card details and the same card will be charged on the day your trial ends.

You can choose to cancel the trial on the ninth day and you will not be changed for the subscription. 

How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial

But if you accidentally forget to cancel the subscription by the end of the tenth day, you will be charged in full and no refunds will be processed even if a complaint is made.

However, if you do wish to continue using Foxtel, you can ignore the notifications and let the system carry out the transaction.

How Much Does Foxtel Cost After the Free Trial?

Once the 10-day free trial is done, you will be charged for the subscription plan you selected while signing up.

Luckily, these plans can be modified and you can choose any plan you like by paying only the difference in the cost.

Here are the plans available on Foxtel;

  • Essentials + Sports Pack – $54 per month
  • Essentials + Drama Extras – $35 per month
  • Essentials + Docos – $35 per month
  • Essentials + Movies – $45 per month
  • Essentials + Kids – $35 per month

How to Cancel the Foxtel Trial?

How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial

To cancel your membership and free trial, follow these steps:

  • Login to Foxtel Now and then navigate to My Account
  • Navigate to the Cancel Subscription option and then click on Yes, Cancel when prompted
How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial
  • Select the reason for canceling the membership by clicking on an option in the drop down
  • Finally, click on Cancel my Membership

What Channels are Included in the Foxtel Free Trial?

Not every Foxtel channel is available to watch on the Foxtel app and the Foxtel Go app and you will be able to watch only the channels that are included in the subscription plan you purchased.

How to Get a Foxtel Free Trial

Here’s the complete list of channels that are available to viewers during the free trial period. 

These are subject to change at any time and are the confirmed lists as of September 2022.

Channels Available in Foxtel Plus Pack

ChannelWatch on demandWatch live
FOX OneYesYes
Universal TVYesYes
FOX HitsYesYes
FOX CrimeYesYes
FOX FunnyYesYes
BBC FirstYesYes
FOX SleuthYesYes
FOX ClassicsYesNo
Discovery ChannelYesYes
National GeographicYesYes
BBC EarthYesYes
Nick Jr.YesYes
MTV MusicNoYes
MTV DanceNoYes
Country Music ChannelYesYes
Sky NewsYesYes
Sky News WeatherNoYes
Sky News ExtraNoYes
Sky News UKNoYes
BBC World NewsNoYes
FOX NewsNoYes
Bloomberg TelevisionNoYes
Australian Christian ChannelYesNo

Channels Available in Sports HD Pack

ChannelWatch on demandWatch live

Channels Available in Movies HD Pack

ChannelWatch on demandWatch live
Movies PremiereYesYes
Movies ActionYesYes
Movies ComedyYesYes
Movies DramaYesYes
Movies FamilyYesYes
Movies GreatsYesYes
Movies HitsYesYes
Movies KidsYesYes
Movies RomanceYesYes
Movies ThrillerYesYes

Channels Available in Favorites Pack

ChannelWatch on demandWatch live
Crime + InvestigationYesYes
The Comedy ChannelYesYes
Nat Geo WILDYesYes
Lifestyle HomeYesYes
Lifestyle FoodYesYes
FOX Sci FiYesYes
Discovery TurboYesYes
Animal PlanetYesYes
Investigation DiscoveryYesYes

Channels Available in Kids Pack

ChannelWatch on demandWatch live
Cartoon NetworkYesYes


How do I choose to continue watching Foxtel post the trial period?

Once the trial period is over your account will be billed in full for the subscription plan you selected while signing up. Since the payment will be taken automatically, there’s nothing you will need to do to continue watching Foxtel.

If I don’t cancel my subscription, when do I start paying?

Even though you entered your card details at the time of creating your account, you will only be charged once the trial period is over. So, from the date of joining you will get a 10-day trial period, post which your account will be charged on the 11th day.

How do I change my Foxtel plan during my trial period?

Changing the plan is easy and you can do it at any time. However, the most ideal period to change the plan is during the 10-day free trial where you can check all that Foxtel has to offer before your subscription begins.

How much does Foxtel cost after the free trial?

Foxtel costs $49 AUD for the ultimate bundle, $45 a month for the Essential and Movies bundle, $25 a month for Essentials only and there’s even an option to build your own bundle from scratch and choose your favorite channels.


Foxtel has really done well for themselves, being the leading TV subscription service in Australia, this brand is one of the few that offers a free 10-day trial for every subscription. 

The best part is that even during this trial, content can be watched on over 5 devices at the same time.

So, if you’re planning to purchase a new subscription to Foxtel, check out our article on how to get a free Foxtel trial and learn first hand about the many benefits their subscription plans have to offer and check whether they host some of your favorite channels.

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