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How do I change my Netflix back to English?

Navigating the language settings on Netflix is straightforward once you understand the steps involved. If my Netflix account language has been changed, or I’m encountering a different language while browsing or watching content, I know it can be an unexpected inconvenience. Changing the language back to English ensures I can use the platform comfortably and enjoy my viewing experience.

I’ve found that language settings can be modified both from a web browser and within various app versions of Netflix on different devices. This includes smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming boxes, and gaming consoles. Netflix remembers my language preferences, so once I set it to English, it should stay that way across all my devices as long as I’m signed in with the same account.

Understanding Netflix Language Settings

How do I change my Netflix back to English?

When I navigate through Netflix, I’ve noticed that language settings are quite accessible and can greatly affect my viewing experience. The platform offers a variety of languages, allowing me to enjoy content in my preferred language whenever available.

My language preferences on Netflix are divided into two main categories:

  • Audio: This dictates the language I hear while watching a show or a movie.
  • Subtitles: This is the text displayed at the bottom of the screen, translating spoken dialogue.

To adjust these settings, I follow these simple steps:

  1. Accessing Account Settings:
    • Firstly, I log in to my Netflix account.
    • I select the profile I want to modify.
  2. Navigating to Language Selection:
    • I click on the Account option.
    • Under My Profile, I find and click on Language.
  3. Changing the Language:
    • Here, I see a list of available languages.
    • I choose English or any other language I prefer.
    • After selecting, I click Save to apply changes.

My language settings are profile-specific, which means that changes I make will only affect my profile and not the other profiles on the account. It’s also important to note that not all content has the same range of languages available; it varies based on licensing agreements and the region.

Accessing Account Settings

How do I change my Netflix back to English?

To change Netflix back to English, I need to navigate the account settings where language preferences can be adjusted.

Via Web Browser

To modify settings via a web browser, I first sign into my Netflix account at Once logged in, I select my profile icon in the top right corner to access the Account section. Here, under the Profile & Parental Controls settings, I locate the profile I want to edit and click on the Language option to make changes.

Through Mobile App

When using the Netflix mobile app, I tap on the profile icon or More. In the app menu, I scroll down to Account and select it. This action redirects me to Netflix’s website via my default web browser, where I can follow the same steps as above to change language settings for my profile.

Changing Language on Different Devices

How do I change my Netflix back to English?

Netflix allows me to change the language settings individually on each device I use. Here’s how I can easily adjust the language preferences on different platforms.

On a Smart TV

On my Smart TV, I navigate to the Netflix app and select a profile. Then, I look for the ‘Settings’ or ‘More’ options, typically represented by a gear icon. Inside, I find the ‘Audio & Subtitles’ menu where I can change the language to English.

On a Streaming Device

When using devices like Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick, I start a show or movie first. During playback, I press the ‘Audio & Subtitles’ option available and select English from the list. Changes I make apply to all future titles.

On Game Consoles

For consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, while a title is playing, I press the controller button that brings up the options. From there, I locate the ‘Audio & Subtitles’ settings and choose English. This change will persist across all content I watch afterwards.

Using a Web Browser

If I’m on a computer, I log into my Netflix account through a browser. I click on a profile and start playing any show or movie. While it’s running, I move the cursor on the screen to reveal the language settings. Here, I can click on the subtitles icon and change the audio to English. This setting will be saved for my profile across all web sessions.

Troubleshooting Language Issues

How do I change my Netflix back to English?

When I encounter language issues with Netflix, ensuring that language settings are correct in my account and profile preferences is essential. A simple device restart can also resolve unexpected glitches causing language problems.

Checking Account Language Preferences

Step 1: I navigate to the Netflix website and sign in. Step 2: I select my profile icon and click on Account. Step 3: Under My Profile, I click on Language. Step 4: I ensure that English is selected. If not, I choose it from the list and click Save.

Verifying Profile Language Settings

Step 1: On the Netflix home screen, I select Manage Profiles. Step 2: I choose the profile I’m experiencing issues with. Step 3: I confirm that the Language setting is set to English. If necessary, I modify it and save the changes.

Restarting Your Device

Step 1: I turn off my device completely. Step 2: I wait for approximately one minute. Step 3: I turn my device back on and relaunch Netflix to check if the language issue has been resolved.

Contacting Netflix Support

If I need to contact Netflix Support, I follow these straightforward steps. First, I visit the Netflix Help Center online. Here’s the breakdown of the process:

Step 1: I log in to my Netflix account on the website. This ensures that I’m given personalized assistance.

Step 2: I scroll down to the bottom of the Netflix homepage and click on ‘Contact Us.’

Step 3: The Contact Us page provides me with different methods to reach out. For instance:

  • Live Chat: There is usually a Live Chat feature available 24/7. I click on the ‘Start Live Chat’ option to speak with a representative.
  • Phone Support: The page lists multiple phone numbers. I choose the one appropriate for my region.

Helpful Tip: Before I make the call or start the chat, I make sure to have my account information ready to expedite the process. This can include:

  • My account email address
  • The phone number linked to my Netflix account
  • A description of the issue I’m experiencing

In case of language preferences, I can request assistance in English specifically to ensure there’s no miscommunication. Netflix support staff are usually able to help me navigate my account settings or directly change the language settings back to English.

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