Hesgoal Sports Review
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Hesgoal Sports Review | Is Hesgoal Safe to Use for Live Streams?

Hesgoal has been around for ages and it’s probably one of the easiest to use sites out there for live sports news and telecasts.

I use Hesgoal because they play LaLiga matches live and because there’s no subscription, everything is free, regardless of the type of sporting event taking place.

But is it safe? Well, Hesgoal is not entirely safe to use and while the content on the site is free, there’s no SSL certificate and hackers can infiltrate the site without any warning.

There are ways you can use Hesgoal even though there’s no security certificate, but this is to be one at your own risk.

Let me take you through my Hesgoal sports review and find out whether or not the site is safe to watch football matches online.

Hesgoal Sports Review

What is Hesgoal Sports?

Hesgoal sports is a website that hosts links to racing and football news for free. The site has millions of loyal users worldwide as it’s one of the few platforms that gives users access to live football and F1 races for free.

Hesgoal sports also has a live chat feature that lets users connect with each other around the world and discuss their favorite sports. 

The only drawback is that Hesgoal is not a secure site and it does not have any SSL certificates so it has been deemed unsafe to use and because of the illegal broadcasts, some countries have decided to restrict access to the platform..

Is Hesgoal Safe to Use?

Truth be told, Hesgoal is safe to use as long as no pop-ups or ads are opened. It’s also safe to use as long as you don’t enter your personal information or banking details into the chat box or anywhere on the website as there is no security certificate protecting your data.

You should be careful about opening any links you may come across. Some of them may contain malware, so you should avoid opening them. If you’re still unsure of Hesgoal’s security policies, consider using an alternative website.

No SSL Certificate

Hesgoal is extremely popular in the UK and is the main competition for BT and Sky telecast that charge a premium to watch live sporting events.

Due to this, millions of people have flooded to Hesgoal over the recent years and there is a possibility that at least one person on Hesgoal will have nefarious intentions and will want to swipe your data.

Even though Hesgoal doesn’t have an SSL certificate you can still watch live matches without worrying about exposing your location or user data by installing a VPN service and then use any server that has Hesgoal unblocked.

Is Hesgoal Banned?

As of 2022 the Hesgoal website is not banned and it is still up and running with live matches to stream for free. 

However, after changes in the rights to screen football matches, Hesgoal has stopped airing links to live streams of Premier League matches or UEFA football matches.

The site still streams football matches but from different countries or local matches that are being broadcast by specific agencies they have ties with.

Hesgoal does not host any content on it’s servers, so it’s not going to get banned any time soon. 

It will however take down links to streams if they are copyright protected and if the main broadcasting company has not provided rights to Hesgoal to stream their content.

What is Hesgoals Site Policy?

As quoted by Hesgoal, their policy is quite simple and it lists their website as a platform that is designed to enable users to find and access live matches and sporting news from around the world.

Their policy also states that

All content available on Hesgoal are broadcasted on ustream.com or jjcast.com and Hesgoal is not to be held responsible for any infringements caused.

This means that their website will continue to host live content until they receive a request for the content to be taken down. That they are only a gateway to watch live matches and not the broadcaster.

How to Use Hesgoal?

Using Hesgoal is pretty easy, simply access the website on any browser that supports video playback and you’re good to go. 

Source: Hesgoal

The site is quite simple to navigate as well and doesn’t contain much. The page is divided into three sections; a home page, football news and car racing news. 

The latest streams are listed at the top of the page and because they are live, the streams can only be accessed when the match or race has started. 

Source: Hesgoal

In terms of quality, videos that are available on Hesgoal are sourced from online providers and will be available in a minimum of 480p and can go all the way to 720p depending on the channel and network connection.

Source: Hesgoal

At the top right corner of the page is the chat box that users can utilize to discuss match or game statistics with others from around the world in real-time.  

The chats are anonymous, but because it’s not a secure platform, contacting anyone via the chat box can prove to be a dangerous affair.

Source: Hesgoal

While playing a live stream you will be able to increase/decrease the volume and make the video play in full screen, there are no other additional options available to users.

Apart from this, the news section is not updated on a regular basis and as of today many of the links are broken.

How to Watch Hesgoal on a Smart TV?

Since Hesgoal is a mobile application, it can not be downloaded onto a Smart TV.

However there are two ways you can stream Hesgoal matches onto your Smart TV and that’s either by using a PC and casting your screen to the TV or by using your Android smartphone and doing the same.

Using your PC

  • Start by making sure your TV and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Launch Chrome on your PC and open the Hesgoal website
  • Sign into your account and then tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap on Cast and then select Source Menu
  • Select your Smart TV from the list of devices and you will immediately be able to watch Hesgoal matches live on your Smart TV

Using your Android Phone

  • Start by making sure your Android phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Open the Google Play Store and download Hesgoal
  • Sign into your registered account
  • Tap on the Cast button and select your Smart TV from the list of available devices
  • You will be able to watch Hesgoal matches on your TV directly from your Android phone

Should I Use Hesgoal or Another Website?

You can use Hesgoal with VPN to keep your information private and secure, but since Hesgoal doesn’t host links to UEFA, LaLiga or Barclays matches it’s quite a disappointment and in this case you’d have to use an alternative website.

Some worthy mentions and some of my favorites are:

  • fuboTVThis platform covers popular sporting channels like Fox, beIN Sports, NBC and more. You can use this platform to stream football matches, baseball games, basketball and soccer live for a small subscription fee.
  • beIN SportsYou can use beIN Sports to watch live soccer and football matches as well as keep a track on live scores and the latest news. Their live scores section is pretty neat and you can get detailed information about the latest and upcoming matches, scores, team standings and statistics for free.
  • NBC SportsNBC Sports is a paid subscription service that covers all live NBC events such as rugby, football, baseball and more. This platform is available on all devices and can be subscribed to for a fee.
  • Sky SportsSky Sports is another leading sports  website and app that hosts live streams of cricket matches, boxing, golf and even football matches by creating an account on the platform.
  • BT Sports BT Sports is one of the best alternatives to Hesgoal and is a legal way for you to stream any kind of sporting event including MotoGP and F1 races. The interface is easy to use and the service is available across platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, FireTV and more.


Is Hesgoal safe to use?

Hesgoal is safe to use as long as you’re simply streaming content and not entering card information or opening ads and pop-ups. It’s also a good idea to use Hesgoal with a VPN to improve your device security.

Is Hesgoal still working?

As of 2022, Hesgoal is still up and running. The only thing that’s wrong with the website is that they can no longer share links to Barclays Premier League, LaLiga and UEFA matches.

How to use Hesgoal.com?

Open Hesgoal.com on your browser and then click on one of the live ongoing matches. Press the play button on the video player to begin the stream.

Is Hesgoal available on Smart TV’s?

Hesgoal does not have an Android app and is solely a web-based platform. You can stream Hesgoal on your Smart TV by first installing a web browser and then accessing the Hesgoal website from that browser.

What to do if a Hesgoal stream is not working?

If the stream is not working or is not getting connected then there are two possible reasons; one is that the link to the stream is broken which will be rectified by Hesgoal whereas the other is that the match or game is yet to commence and there’s no stream available.

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