Plikli 4.1.5


  • Plikli CMS is a free service provided to users to download, install / upgrade and get full support 24/7.
    Its only income comes from Solvemedia, and while it is extremely insignificant, it covers at least part of the domain and hosting plan expenses. The development, maintenance and full support is not rewarded by any means.
    You, as a users, you might have Google Adsense or any other legitimate ads providers. It is recommended that you use an ads.txt file provided by your ads provider.

    You can check these links: About ads.txt and Create ads.txt

    • You CANNOT DELETE the ads.txt provided by PLIKLI CMS.
    • Once you obtain the content of your ads.txt, YOU MUST COPY and PASTE it to APPEND it to the ads.txt provided by PLIKLI CMS. You CANNOT OVERRIDE the original content of the ads.txt provided by PLIKLI CMS.
  • Any infringement, of the Terms cited above, results in terminating the license, the right to support, installation and upgrade granted to You by Plikli CMS!

    By downloading Plikli CMS and installing it on your local sever or on any live server, you agrre to the terms and conditions cited above!

    Download the new Plikli CMS version 4.1.5