Best QuickBooks Alternatives

Millions of people around the world use accounting software for their daily financial tracking needs. Whether you’re a freelancer looking to stay on top of your finances, an accounting expert using digital tools to work your craft, or a business owner trying to manage your very own enterprise, digital software solutions are no doubt among the most useful tools to help keep you out of the red.

There are literally hundreds of accounting and financial management solutions available on the market today, and one of the most popular among these is the ubiquitous QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks, a premiere cloud accounting solution from Intuit, is one of the most popular business accounting options out there, with over three million subscribers around the world. Strictly a Premium service – i.e no Free version available – QuickBooks is a powerful, easy-to-use accounting app that’s loved and trusted by freelancers, professionals, and business owners around the world.

However, QuickBooks isn’t for everyone. It may be the most popular option out there, but it doesn’t have it all. Depending on your needs, you may find alternatives out there that serve your purposes better – whether its lower-cost options, ones that are easier to use, or ones that just have the best integrations for you and your usage needs.

Top 5 QuickBooks Alternatives

If you’re looking for the best QuickBooks alternatives out there, check out the following list of curated accounting software for every need and budget.

FreshBooks – Best Quickbook Alternatives for Small Business Owners

FreshBooks is an alternative to quickbooks online, 10 Best QuickBooks Alternatives for Small Businesses

For Freelancers and Sole Proprietors, accounting software doesn’t get much better than FreshBooks. Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, FreshBooks offers a very intuitive solution to the straightforward accounting tasks taken on by small businesses and freelance service providers.

With FreshBooks, users are given power and flexibility over their accounting. Invoicing is made quick and easy, as well as expense tracking, making it perfect for freelancers and sole proprietors. When it comes to personal finance, however, FreshBooks startlingly doesn’t have any features for Budgeting, so it might not lend itself well to better financial management. Bigger businesses may also find that FreshBooks is a little lacking in terms of more robust features, and that the platform overall doesn’t lend itself well to business growth. However, with simplicity and straightforward design, plus a handful of excellent quality-of-life features, small businesses and freelancers will want nothing more.

In terms of customer support and service availability, FreshBooks stands on top of the list with some of the best customer satisfaction ratings we’ve seen in this category. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is available for $15 per month, with the Plus subscription available for $25 per month. Their newest offer, the Premium plan designed for larger operations, is also available for $50 per month.

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Accounting by Wave – Best Quickbook Alternatives for Self Employed

Accounting by Wave

If you’d rather not spend any money on your accounting, then one of the best free cloud accounting solutions we can recommend is Accounting by Wave. One of the few free online accounting solutions that offers double-entry accounting (debit and credit), Accounting by Wave is a powerful tool for businesses and professionals that you can use for absolutely free.

Freelancers and small-business owners especially can make the most out of Accounting by Wave thanks to its powerful features. Double-entry accounting is a definite plus for any cloud accounting solution out there, but Accounting by Wave also offers a ton of capabilities you’d only expect to find in pricier, premium options. These features include purchase tracking, banking, custom invoicing, customer management, and rich financial reporting, to name a few.

Accounting by Wave is available for free, but there’s also an option to subscribe to Wave Payments and Wave Payroll which are their online payment and payroll solutions to make it easier to send and receive payments securely online. With these add-on services, you will be paying a standard fee for every transaction, but the Wave Payroll subscription also gives you access to Wave Chat Support.

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AccountEdge Pro – Best Quickbook Alternatives for Sole Proprietors

AccountEdge Pro

AccountEdge Pro is a desktop cloud accounting solution that offers the best performance and the most robust feature-sets you can ask for. Although strictly not for tech novices, AccountEdge Pro is a powerful tool that lets the accounting-savvy business owners reign freely over their financial management.

Whether you’re a small- to mid-sized business, an accounting professional, or a Freelancer with a lot going on, AccountEdge Pro is equipped with everything you need to manage your accounting effectively. It does everything from complete account management to sales, invoicing, billing, inventory management, and purchase management to ensure that no matter what enterprise you’re into, AccountEdge Pro has what you need. It even comes with payroll management, too.

For business owners, AccountEdge Pro also comes with a ton of great features not just for managing your accounts but also for improving the quality of your business standards. It does secure payment and transaction processing, and even comes with a customer portal to facilitate transactions effectively.

With an AccountEdge Pro, you get free email support with the option to subscribe to a Phone Support service for $199 per year. Unlike other accounting software solutions on this list AccountEdge Pro is a one-time purchase of $399 for one user, with additional user add-ons starting at $249. Payroll management, however, is an optional subscription available for $249 per year.

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting – Best Quickbook Alternatives for Financial Reporting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

If you’re looking for a solid cloud accounting solution for your business and/or professional needs, and one that’s easy to pick up regardless of your background in accounting, Sage Business Cloud Accounting is super easy-to-use while offering plenty of power under the hood.

Whether you’re into service provision or you’re a business that sells goods, Sage Business Cloud Accounting can help you stay on top of your finances. With sales invoicing, shipment and inventory tracking, and lots of options to keep track of sales, discounts, and credit transactions, Sage Business Cloud Accounting has everything a small business needs to manage transactions effectively.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting also lets you use barcodes to keep track of your inventories, and the inventory management system is robust enough to allow management of both non-stock and regular stock items. However, it does not offer any payroll functionality, so if you have employees under your belt and want to manage those payrolls effectively, you will need to look for another app for that purpose.

The base Sage Business Cloud Account plan, Account Start, is available for $10 per month, while the expanded, more robust Accounting plan is available for $25 per month.

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Zoho Books – Better Quickbook Alternative for Inventory Management

Zoho Books

If you’re a freelancer looking for the best accounting software solution for you and your needs, you can’t go wrong with Zoho Books.

Zoho Books – from the famed Zoho line of software solutions for business and productivity – is arguably one of the simplest and most robust accounting apps for small business owners, but especially so for freelance service providers.

When it comes to customer support, Zoho Books is definitely king. Zoho has long been widely regarded as one of the best producers of business software, and with their huge client base raving about their top-notch customer support and reliable professionalism, Zoho Books is a top-tier choice for any and all accounting needs.

You can get the Zoho Books Basic plan for $9 per month, or enjoy the extra features of Zoho Books Standard for $19 per month and Zoho Books Professional for $29 per month.

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What We Considered

There are a ton of accounting software options out there, but not all of them are made equal. In order to curate this list of the top QuickBooks alternatives, we took into account the following factors:

User Friendliness

Let’s face it, accounting isn’t always that simple. Whether it’s for personal finance or business accounting, not all software solutions consider the possibility that their users may not have a background in accounting. To that end, we put user friendliness at the top of criteria to make sure that no matter your level of accounting expertise – whether you’re a novice or an expert – you’ll be able to stay on top of your finances using the programs mentioned above.

Customer Support

When you rely on business-class software solutions for your business or freelance enterprise, you want to make sure that you have all your bases covered. In the event that you run across an error, or any other obstacle that can get in the way of your performance, it’s good to have a safety net of support that you can count on for fast, effective solutions.

In curating this list of the best cloud accounting apps out there, we took into consideration the effectiveness and customer satisfaction ratings of each app’s customer support teams. After all, even the most well-oiled machines get stuck sometimes, and when that happens, it’s good to have a system expert on-call and on-hand to provide you with everything you need to get going again.


Not all accounting software solutions are made equal, and that means they’re not all priced the same either. In this regard, we took into consideration the price to performance ratio to find you the best value options out there without compromising on quality and functionality.

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