What are the Alternatives to KissCartoon

Cartoons are enjoyed by people all over the world, from all walks of life, and of all ages.

And while most of us today can’t enjoy cartoons like we used to – it’s pretty hard to find the time to spend Saturday mornings just chilling at home watching our favorite childhood shows, especially with everything else that we have to deal with as functioning members of society – that doesn’t mean cartoons are lost to us forever.

In fact, cartoons are more accessible now than ever before, thanks to online video on-demand services that just so happen to let you watch entire series at once – no more dealing with cliffhangers only to wait an entire week to find out what happens next.

However, despite the prevalence of streaming on-demand service subscriptions like Netflix and Disney Plus, watching cartoons online doesn’t have to be locked behind a paywall.

There are plenty of websites out there that let you watch your favorite cartoons all for free.

Thanks to advertising revenues, these sites can keep operating despite not charging their users a single cent.

Most of these platforms don’t even require you to register to start watching cartoons online for free, let alone any credit card information or other risky prompts.

One of the most popular of these free online cartoons sites is KissCartoon.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a website that hosts hundreds of thousands of episodes of cartoons – from the most popular Western shows, to less popular titles, to the most obscure foreign cartoons – all for free.

Part of the Kiss Media Group that also runs KissAnime and KissAsian which hosts anime shows and Asian TV shows respectively.

At its peak, KissCartoon was the most popular online destination for watching cartoons online for free – whether it’s cult classics like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad, to old-school cartoons like Popeye and Tom & Jerry, to indie hidden gems like Final Space, and more.

Unfortunately, KissCartoon was eventually shut down due to the mounting legal pressure for infringing on copyrights and the intellectual property of the studios that created the cartoons in the first place.

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Top 5 KissCartoon Alternatives

If you were a fan of KissCartoon and don’t know where else to go for your cartoon fix, then don’t fret! There are plenty of sites out there that offer tons of cartoony-content that’s sure to fill the void left when KissCartoon was taken down.

Of course, some of these sites are better than others – better in terms of having more content, less intrusive advertising, better navigation, interface, and user experience, or faster servers.

Here are some of the best KissCartoon alternatives you can visit right now.


AnimeToon is an Alternative to KissCartoon

AnimeToon – Alternatives to KissCartoon

As you can pick up from its name. AnimeToon is a website dedicated to serving up the latest cartoons and anime for your viewing pleasure.

Although you’ll quickly find that the number of anime series available on this site is far more numerous than the cartoons (let’s face it, anime and cartoons are two entirely different animals), AnimeToon still hosts a great selection of cartoons, from classics like Duck Tales and Justice League to perennial favorites like Family Guy and American Dad.

AnimeToon has one of the craziest selections out there, so if you’re up for anything animated – whether its the distinct art style and outlandish premises of Japanese anime, or the unique and varying styles and genres of Western cartoons – AnimeToon won’t disappoint.

AnimeToon is also one of the most popular cartoon streaming sites among Android users thanks to its low-effort and hassle-free downloads system that lets you save episodes and even entire seasons’ worth of cartoons straight to your device for your offline viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately, iOS users will have a harder time getting content onto their devices, but for online viewing, AnimeToon offers a great user experience across the board thanks to its intuitive interface, easily-navigable catalogs, and excellent search function.

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KissAnime – Alternatives to KissCartoon

KissCartoon’s more Anime-focused sister site, KissAnime is yet another online content streaming site that’s also owned by the Kiss Media Group, and well-known for its expansive catalog of anime titles and frequently updated episode lists that always include the latest shows not too long after their official televised broadcasts.

Strictly speaking, you won’t find many cartoons on KissAnime. As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to anime-style cartoons instead of the usual Western fare.

That said, if you miss KissCartoon and want a website that delivers the same kind of experience but an entirely different kind of animated content, then KissAnime offers a great alternative to the former.

If you liked KissCartoon, KissAnime works exactly the same way. It features the same, streamlined user interface that’s easy to understand and navigate.

On the homepage. You’ll be greeted by a list of featured titles with the option to browse through all available titles, or sort through the catalog based on popularity and the most recent uploads.

As expected from the Kiss Media Group, KissAnime also has a robust, dynamic search function so you can easily find the anime that you want to watch without even having to load a new web page.

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Nyaa.si – Alternatives to KissCartoon

Nyaa holds a special place in the hearts of anime lovers around the world.

Although, strictly speaking, it’s not a true KissCartoon alternative because it’s not really optimized for streaming content directly (unless you have a fancy bittorrent client that lets you watch torrents as they stream) and it’s more oriented towards anime than it is towards Western cartoons, it’s still one of the most popular websites where you can go to download anime and other kinds of shows directly to your device through peer-to-peer file torrenting.

Technically, Nyaa.si is a torrents site that works similarly to other torrents sites, most popularly The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents.

Instead of hosting files directly on their servers, torrents sites instead allow you to tap into P2P (peer-to-peer) hosted torrent files so you can seed movies, games, tv shows, and even apps, directly onto your device.

What makes Nyaa different is that it deals primarily in Anime-related things, such as anime shows and movies, Manga collections, and even anime games and JRPGs, without having to pay a dime.

Since its basically an index of files hosted across hundreds of thousands of computer systems around the world, Nyaa probably has one of the most varied selections of anime-style cartoons you’ll find anywhere.

If you’re looking for popular anime, well-loved classics, and inspired hidden-gems, you’ll probably find it on Nyaa.si.

However, if you’re into more obscure titles, you may find it hard to find peers to seed the content to your device.

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Toonova Alternatives to KissAnime; Alternatives to KissAsian; Alternatives to KissCartoon; Alternatives to KissManga; Alternatives to NovelPlanet;

Toonova – Alternatives to KissCartoon

Toonova is a website that’s dedicated to streaming cartoons online for free. It has arguably one of the largest selections of cartoons and TV shows you’ll find anywhere online, but it might not be the most up-to-date one out there.

However, if you’re looking to binge watch entire seasons’ worth of cartoons, Toonova has hundreds of completed titles that you can watch from pilot to finale.

Unlike other cartoon streaming sites that like to blend Western cartoons with Japanese anime, Toonova instead stays true to Western content by providing all kinds of cartoons and TV shows like the ones you’d see on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.

While its catalog of animated TV shows is impressive enough, Toonova also hosts popular live-action shows that often accompanied the cartoon programs aired on TV.

Toonova also hosts animated movies and movies based on cartoons, so if you’re up for something a little more feature-length than typical cartoons, but still want the same animated vibe and brand of entertainment, you’ll find hundreds of cartoon movies available on this site.

Overall, Toonova is an excellent place to watch your favorite cartoons. It’s not updated as frequently as some would like, but it does have complete seasons of some of the most popular cartoons of all time (and even some not-so-popular ones), plus the selection of cartoon movies makes sure you always have something to watch.

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CartoonsOn is one of the Top 5 Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons for Free

CartoonsOn – Alternatives to KissCartoon

CartoonsOn is a strange little site: it doesn’t have a super-big catalog of cartoons, but it does have some interesting options and offers a great user interface ideal for kicking back, relaxing, and watching your favorite cartoons and movies online for free.

CartoonsOn doesn’t have every popular cartoon available – far from it, in fact.

Only a handful of cartoon TV shows are available as complete series, but it does have a wide and interesting selection of curated titles including cartoons, animated movies, and anime shows.

One of our favorite things about CartoonsOn is it’s unique site navigation.

CartoonsOn lets you browse its catalog of cartoons and animated films using a number of filters and parameters.

You can browse the catalog by Studio, sorting through the cartoons according to the studio that produced them.

You can also browse by genre, by character, by show, or by series, so you can find the best cartoon for you.

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Top 5 Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons for Free

There you have it for our list of the Best Alternatives to KissCartoon!

Whether you’re into some Western-style animation or prefer Japanese anime-style cartoons, these websites are sure to give you a great viewing experience online for free.

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