Work progress for the new version release of Plikli CMS

A new Plikli CMS version will be released on August 31, 2019.

I would like to share with you the work done as of today. and in a few days I will post a list of the planned additional work until the release!

In addition, a Marketplace will be added to the forum to allow users and developers to showcase their templates, modules and widgets, free or paid AND DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR PLIKLI CMS!


  • Plikli CMS is now fully compliant with PHP 7
  • Substituted the deprecated each() function with current() and foreach()
  • Gradually applying the PHP PSR-1 PSR-2: Coding Style Guide.
  • Enhanced the login attempts code.
  • Synchronized all language files by removing all obsolete definitions and adding the new ones where missing. Removed the Turkmen language file, composer.json and composer.lock
  • Modified code to accurately get the MySQL Server and Client API versions.
  • Added more statistical data and information to the Statistics Widget.
  • Implemented a better function to accurately close HTML tags when the story content is truncated and replaced with Read More.
  • Fixed the tags insert process. When inserting tags, the tags cache table was truncated and rebuilt after every submit and after every article editing, even if the tags where not edited. It was too much strain on the server and takes a long time when importing feeds with a lot of articles.
  • Introduced a new setting / feature, SMTP to test the email sending on localhost, even with a fake email address and removed the usage of phpmailer4 and phpmailer5. Every email sending feature is using the full phpmailer library. In addition, the message will be printed on the page after it is sent. Note that this feature is for development on localhost only and only Admins can test it.
  • Introduced new setting “Use the new Story layout?” and added new Dashboard setting to allow Admins to choose the Story layout they want in Dashboard -> Template Settings. Note that a minor cosmetic was applied to the default bootstrap template to give a different look to toolbar and content section of the story.
  • Converted all tables and columns TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci
  • Added a PRIMARY KEY to the total_story_views module.
  • populating the input text box with the accurate protocol (http / https) – Upload Module
  • added a caution explanation to the killspam feature
  • updated descriptions of allow draft, allow scheduled and Complete submission on Submit Step 2 to warn Admins that if Complete submission on Submit Step 2 is set to false, it will prevent allow draft and allow schedule features from working.


  • Upon submitting and editing stories, tags fields are stripped from any character that is not alphanumeric, underscore, hyphen and comma. However, I noticed that RSS import tags with an apostrophe which is causing an error in the query. I applied more filtering to remove the apostrophe because it is also removed in the search.
  • Fixed a minor issue that is not causing any problem, caught by John on the Plikli forum. title are not trimmed and a space at the end of the title was replaced by a hyphen.
  • Fixed the special characters appearing in the description. Reference
  • Fixed the “ALL” tags that appears in the tools bar under the story title. Reference
  • Fixed the approved IP entries in /logs/approvedips.log. The IP was written with a space at the end, and therefore the check for the IP in the approved IPs log was always returning false.
  • Fixed the code where notify author is checked when an article is edited. There were no code to process the multiple categories when this setting is set to true in Dashboard -> Settings -> Submit -> Allow multiple categories, therefore the code checking the equality of the categories, if modified is always returning false and included in the notification email, even though the categories were not modified!
  • Fixed the error types that was only displaying the last error. Now uploading avatar errors is an array and displays all relevant errors. Files affected: profile.php and user_navigation.tpl
  • fixed 2 bugs to accurately pull the language definition from both subscribe to comments module and Plikli language files.
  • Fixed the sidebar_saved module to eliminate some errors in loading Plikli language file, and added Chinese language file.
  • fixed some php warnings and notices. (This work is ongoing)

Installation / upgrade

  • added protocol detection to warn to install SSL Certificate before installing Plikli CMS
  • Updated all install/upgrade files for the new version.
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