Plikli CMS

Plikli CMS is the Phoenix that rose from the ashes of Pligg and Kliqqi, hence the name PliKli!

Being a developer and serving their communities on both, I strove to improve their features; I fixed many bugs, created modules and provided undivided attention and full forum support!

After the selling of Pligg and realizing that its goals and objectives shifted, I decided to continue reviving its community. Chuckroast and I discussed the matter and planned for it, and this how Kliqqi surfaced!

I worked very hard for long hours to enhance, fix bugs and fix the broken features for the first release. We got a good response from the community and with their help and feedback, I continued the development and released two more versions, and always towards the better!

After a year and a half of full dedication, I noticed that my views and plans for the future of Kliqqi were the opposite of where it was going, so I decided to pull out of the project and pursue my plans and goals away from the “Business” mentality, and just working for the users’ best interests!

Plikli was born to survive and stay this time, with one clear objective: SERVING THE COMMUNITY and expecting nothing in return, except their dedication and loyalty to the new CMS!

Plikli Settings

Plikli CMS Dashboard contains all the settings you need to configure your site, using Edit-In-Place feature, and run it. You can activate/deactivate features and change sizes and permissions!

I enhanced quite of few and added new ones to make using Plikli CMS a more enjoyable experience!

Plikli Manage

The Manage Section in the Dashboard provides Admins with a complete visual of users activity and allows them to manage and control all the important features that run in the front-end of the CMS, I.e. Submissions, Comments, Users accounts, Groups, Static pages, Categories, Error log, File and MySQL Backup

Plikli Modules & Widgets

Plikli CMS Modules and Widgets are like plugins in WordPress; they extend functionalities and features without altering the core files. Plikli CMS includes 28 Modules, out of which 6 are pre-installed, and 7 Widgets, with 4 pre-installed.
All installed Modules that have their own settings, will appear in the left side bar of the Dashboard for easy access.
Modules and Widgets are constantly updated and more are being created to enhance the functionality of the CMS!